Sunday, 1 March 2009

What a wonderful way to spend at Saturday....

A huge thanks to both Karen and Jobes for hosting a most wonderful Saturday spent card-making and eating. Karen, as always, put on a fantastic spread of homemade delights including the most delicious of chocolate cakes and her mouth watering rock cakes which I'm becoming rather partial to !
Jobes gave a wonderful demonstration and "make and take", as I believe it's called, of Crazy for Cupcakes and thanks to her brilliant tuition skills I'm pleased to show off my accomplishments !

We sadly all missed Lou who could not attend due to a horrible "sicky bug", but wish her love and hope she is feeling better very soon and look forward to seeing her at the next get together x


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Your cards are outstanding. I really like the cupcakes and colors. Have a great day !!!

  2. Hi Rachel, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself - I certainly did.

    Also pleased you enjoyed your cake too !

    k x

  3. Come on Rach..... We need a new post !

    K x

  4. Beautiful looking cupcakes!!