Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lou's new post (and a little friendly nagging from Karen) has finally spurred me into action and visit my own blog and finally add some new updates ! Here is my beautiful pussy cat Casper !

Sunday, 1 March 2009

What a wonderful way to spend at Saturday....

A huge thanks to both Karen and Jobes for hosting a most wonderful Saturday spent card-making and eating. Karen, as always, put on a fantastic spread of homemade delights including the most delicious of chocolate cakes and her mouth watering rock cakes which I'm becoming rather partial to !
Jobes gave a wonderful demonstration and "make and take", as I believe it's called, of Crazy for Cupcakes and thanks to her brilliant tuition skills I'm pleased to show off my accomplishments !

We sadly all missed Lou who could not attend due to a horrible "sicky bug", but wish her love and hope she is feeling better very soon and look forward to seeing her at the next get together x

My First Cards

Here is a sample of some of my very first cards and a gift bag I made. The photography will have to be excused and hopefully in the near future a great improvement will be seen (in both the cards and my photography skills) !

A blog at long last....

Well, it's finally here ! After some well deserved nagging from my close friend Karen - I've finally managed to get my fingers into gear and set up my very first blog ! I'm quite a novice at all this, so please bear with me everyone while this thing gets up and running..... I'm Rachel and live a very happy life with my beautiful pussy cat, Casper - hence all the references to my beloved moggy. I'll keep this short for now as no doubt it will be a long and slow work in progress.

I'm delighted to have been introduced and welcomed into the "stampers" world of cardmaking and scrap booking through Karen and made some great new friends including Jobes and Karen's sister Louise..... I'll diary here my progression and hopefully improvement of life in the cardmaking world !